Bugaboo Donkey² Duo Complete Stroller

Bugaboo Donkey² Duo. Two children of different ages. 

This is a one box option for the Donkey² Duo.

Black/ Black
Blue Mélange/ Sky Blue
Grey Mélange/ Ruby Red

Bugaboo Donkey². The Multi-purpose stroller.

The Bugaboo Donkey² is the multi-purpose stroller that’s ready for more adventures, more things to bring on
your stroll, and even more children.

The name Donkey says it all: spacious stroller storage means you can bring more along with you on your
stroll. Keep the essentials easily accessible in the expandable side luggage basket and still have room to pick up more along the way with the expandable underseat storage basket. Plus, it can easily transform into a double stroller for your infant and toddler. 

nothing like a Bugaboo®

Mono, Duo, Twin Configurations

Mono. One child.

The Bugaboo Donkey² is designed to go with you on even more adventures: even with a child and a full load of luggage. Its innovative side luggage basket and large underseat basket means there's enough storage space for your shopping or a day out and about – with easy access to both – so your child can stay sound asleep in the bassinet or reclinable seat.

Extend the side luggage basket and bring even more goods. Large swivel wheels and a one-piece handlebar guarantee smooth maneuverability everywhere you want to go. With the Duo Extension Set, converting to a duo configuration comes with great ease. This makes the Bugaboo Donkey² future proof.

Duo. Two children of different ages.

The Bugaboo Donkey² can be used from birth with a bassinet or for older children, with a reversible seat - both can be used independently from the stroller. If you have two children of different ages, the Bugaboo Donkey² can expand into a side-by-side double stroller or back to a mono configuration in just a few simple clicks. Easily release the bassinet or seat from the stroller while keeping one hand free.

Reversing the seats make it possible to put children to any desired position - facing you, the world or each other. In fact, there are 17 different configurations – thanks to its interchangeable seats and bassinets, and flexible luggage options – which don't compromise on comfort or functionality. Its width – just 5" wider than mono configuration – means you can go in and out of entrances with ease.

Twin. Two children of the same age.

Going out with twins has never been easier – or as comfortable! In twin configuration, the Bugaboo Donkey² ensures the smoothest of rides for both babies. When they're a little older, you can place them in the seats so they're facing each other, facing you or facing the world. And in just three simple clicks – it can convert from a twin stroller into a mono stroller. The Donkey’s ergonomic design makes it easy to push, while its width - just 5” wider than the mono configuration- means you can still easily fit through most doorways. 


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