Baby Jogger City Select® Second Seat Support Brackets

With a few simple snaps these brackets can turn your City Select Single into a City Select Double! The brackets allow you to attach a second seat or a car seat adapter in the lower position, giving you the ability to fully customize your City Select. (Second Seat Adapters are included in the Second Seat Kit)

Note: The Second Seat Brackets come standard with the Second Seat Kit, however they are offered individually as replacement parts for misplaced goods or for those looking to use their City Select as a double with a single seat and car seat combination or using two car seats.

  • These convert your City Select single stroller into a double by supporting a second seat or car seat adapter in the lower position.
  • Attach the seat from the single stroller to the lower area and allow for a car seat attachment in the upper area (car seat adapter sold separately).
  • Compatible with: city select®


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