Doona™ Vacation Limited Edition Infant Car Seat/Stroller + Base


With its navy striped canvas canopy, Doona Vacation Limited Edition captures the spirit of a holiday. The iconic design turns the Doona Car Seat & Stroller into a stylish yet classic statement piece that looks good all year round. Doona makes life on-the-go easy, whether you are on vacation or not.

This limited edition features matching shoulder pads and a navy seat cover. It also includes a complementary Doona Essentials Bag, UPF 50+ Sunshade Extension, and a vegan leather handle cover.

Doona™ infant car seat is the world’s first complete and fully integrated travel system, allowing you to move from car seat to stroller in seconds. The sleek and stylish design allows you to navigate the streets with ease, without disturbing your sleeping child when hopping in a car, traveling by bus or walking up the stairs. The revolutionary car seat and stroller provides a safe and practical solution for parents on-the-go.

the next generation car seat.

Doona was designed to provide parents a safe and practical mobility solution for their baby, both in and outside the car. Doona is the world's first infant car seat with a complete and fully integrated mobility solution.

Perfect for today's busy parent, the Doona surpasses every safety standard both in its primary function as a car seat and when converted - with just a click of a button - into a stroller. With a deep double walled side impact protection, orthopedic inner cushion, and anti-rebound technology, the Doona is also larger than most of its peers, meaning that your infant can remain in the safest form of car seat longer. The Doona can be easily secured using a 3-point seat belt, or with a base (included).

The Doona's integrated wheels mean that in less than ten seconds you can be out of your car with your little one and on your way in safety and style. Whether you're running errands, picking up a latte, or traveling through an airport, the Doona is truly the next generation in parent and child mobility.

Anit-Rebound Protection. Unlike typical car seats, Doona’s unique structure enables positioning the handle against the back of the seat of the car, thus providing the baby with exceptional Anti-Rebound protection. In case of a collision, the Anti-Rebound handle will absorb the impact and prevent the Doona™ from rotating quickly towards the back of the seat, thus dramatically reducing rebound injuries.

Fail Safe Mechanisms. Two of the most common injury causes relating to Car Seats and Strollers are misuse and improper installation. With this in mind, the Doona™  Design and Engineering teams developed multiple fail-safe mechanisms to prevent misuse and assure safe operations. Among others, these mechanisms prevent the following:

• Unintentional folding of the Doona
• Sudden extension of the Doona handle while in carry mode
• Rotation of the extended handle while Doona is in “on-the-go” mode”

Side Impact Protection. Doona’s unique double wall structure, which enables the folding of its wheels into the Doona™ body, deliver an additional significant safety benefit. The two layers of durable, impact-absorbing plastic, along with additional layers of EPS, foam and textiles provide enhanced side- impact protection which better protects the baby in case of an accident.

Infant Insert. Specifically designed for newborn babies, the Doona Infant Insert provides young babies with the highest levels of safety and comfort. Developed alongside global engineering, safety and medical experts, the insert supports your baby’s posture, by mimicking a natural position, thus granting parents and babies the freedom to travel together.

Baby Safe Materials. Not only are the materials used free of any hazardous chemicals, they are also tested for their durability and quality to assure the safe and continuous use of the products.

Vacation Limited Edition Features

  • Doona Vacation features navy seat cover, matching shoulder pads and a vegan leather handle cover.
  • Included Doona UPF 50+ Sunshade Extension is designed to protect your baby from direct sunlight using its multi-positional feature; Perfect for weekend getaways or worldwide adventures.
  • Included Doona Vacation Essentials Bag is designed to complement your Doona with style and functionality; From exciting cities to secluded islands, take your baby's essentials everywhere you go.

Doona Car Seat/Stroller Features

  • The only car seat with integrated wheels
  • One simple motion operation- from Car Seat to Stroller in seconds
  • Three use modes:
    • Car Seat Mode: Suitable when travelling in a private vehicle, taxi or airplane.
    • Pull Along Mode: Maneuver the product easily while walking or seating next to it.
    • On the Go Mode: As a stroller when you leave the vehicle and wish to walk around with your baby.
  • Easy instant fold and compact storage
  • One touch brake
  • Swivel wheels
  • Rear-facing design
  • Thick, protective padding for safety and comfort
  • 3-layer side-impact protection
  • New stretch material canopy
  • 5-point safety harness
  • Adjustable handlebar also acts as an anti-rebound bar inside the car
  • Chassis suspension for a smoother ride
  • Orthopedic designed Infant Insert cradles and support infant
  • Infant Insert is anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic and temperature regulating
  • Included car seat base features-
    • Height adjustment
    • Level indicators
    • Belt locking clips
    • LATCH installation system
  • Included vehicle seat protector keeps stains and soil off upholstery
  • Removable and washable textiles
  • FAA-approved for use in aircraft


  • Weight/Height Capacity: 4-35 lbs and up to 32"
  • Car Seat Dimensions: 26" L x 17.3" W x 23.6" H   
  • Stroller Dimensions: 32.2" L x 17.3" W x 39" H
  • Base Dimensions: 21" L x 15.7" W x 9.6" H
  • Seat Weight: 16.2 lbs
  • Includes: Doona Infant Car Seat + Stroller, LATCH Base, Infant Insert, Head Support, Vehicle Seat Protector, Sunshade Extension and Essentials Bag in Vacation.


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