Joolz Seat Liner


The Joolz Seat Liner is the perfect accessory to keep your child comfortable during strolls. It’s soft and comfy to sit on, so every ride is a relaxed and happy one. And thanks to its breathable material, your little one can enjoy optimal air circulation.

It also protects your stroller from spilled drinks and snack crumbs. Good thing it’s easy to remove and machine washable. The seat liner comes in a variety of stylish colors that will make any Joolz stroller look extra awesome all year round.

  • For all Joolz strollers
  • Regulates temperature and absorbs moisture with breathable mesh fabric for ventilation
  • Adds a splash of color to your Joolz stroller
  • Extra soft and comfortable
  • Easy to attach and detach
  • Can be folded with all Joolz strollers
  • Machine washable


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