Mima Xari Aluminum Frame Stroller

Design your own Xari with a striking Aluminum frame.

The Mima Xari comes with everything you need to get started. You will receive three boxes. 
Box 1:  Aluminum chassis and rain cover.
Box 2:  Seat Unit with Carrycot inside, Canopy, Carrycot Apron, Basket Covers and Handlebar Sleeves. All in your seat color choice.
Box 3:  Starter Pack-  Seat Pads, Bassinet Apron Flaps and Mattresses in your chosen starter pack color.

Snow White
Starter Pack

Mima Xari. The Designer Baby Stroller.

The Mima Xari Stroller is where luxury and comfort meet. This leatherette made, designer baby stroller provides the perfect blend of agility and protection for your child. Choose from hundreds of striking color combinations for a truly personalized experience...