Mountain Buggy Juno Baby Carrier


Mountain Buggy introduces Juno, its first multi functional carrier that transitions seamlessly from newborn to toddler, providing a hands free, hands through connection.

The Mountain Buggy Juno has been developed to deliver the very best ergonomics in all four carrying modes for both you and your child. Developed in collaboration with medical professionals, parents and children, Juno promises safety, quality materials and world class innovation in one bundle, ensuring a truly authentic Mountain Buggy experience every time you carry.

Proudly featuring three points of patented innovation, Juno offers; A hands through connection pouch for an intuitive and connected embrace, a width adjustable seat to ergonomically cater for all carrying modes, and an innovative length adjustable infant insert which supports newborns of all sizes.

Juno Features

  • 4 medically approved, ergonomic carrying modes : front face in, front face out, back carrying mode and hip carrying mode
  • Hands through connection pouch for a natural and connected carry
  • Innovative width adjustable seat for ergonomic positioning in every carrying mode
  • Newborn to toddler using the infant insert included, Juno is internationally safety certified for use from 3.5-20 kg / 7.7- 44 lbs
  • Magnetic sternum strap fastening for parent usability, supports 20 kg / 44 lbs of weight
  • Sternum strap runners, for ease of adjustments
  • Two tailored, retractable storage pockets (big enough for the largest smart phone)
  • Protective hood with a stow away pocket which can also hold a few baby essentials, like travel wipes and a couple diapers
  • Padded shoulder straps and weight distributing waistband, lined with breathable 3D mesh
  • 100% Oeko-tex certified, chemical free fabrics, with a 100% cotton lining for breathability
  • A 35 cm / 13.7" carrier panel, for back support and stability from newborn to toddler
  • Elastic loops to secure loose strap ends, keeping them tidy and safely out of the way
  • Fashion forward and unisex design aesthetics

Juno Infant Insert

  • Innovative adjustable length using the flip out seat functionality, catering for infants of all sizes
  • Padded head, neck and spine support for complete infant comfort and safety
  • Cushioned seat to ergonomically support the hips and knees
  • Adjustable width using the dome fastenings
  • Okeo-tex certified,100% cotton for softness and breathability
  • Use from 3.5 - 6.5 kg / 7.7 - 14.3 lbs (newborn - 6 months)


  • Carrying weight min - max : 3.5 - 20 kg / 7.7 - 44 lbs
  • Adjustable seat width  : 33 - 21 cm / 13" - 8.3"
  • Waistband length min - max : 69 - 135 cm / 27" - 53"
  • Product weight : 0.80 kg / 1.7 lbs


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