BABYBJÖRN Small Baby Bib 2-Pack

Powder Yellow/Powder Green
Powder Yellow/Powder Blue
Powder Green/Powder Pink

A perfect first baby bib, with a super-soft neckband.

This BABYBJÖRN Small Baby Bib is specifically designed for young babies. Its size means that your baby can move their arms freely and there’s no risk of the bib getting caught under the edge of the table. The super-soft neckband is fully adjustable as your child grows.

The bib is made of comfortable plastic that catches any food that doesn’t make it into your child’s mouth. The deep spill pocket holds its shape so that the food is not squeezed out by your child’s movements. The small baby bib can be easily wiped clean or washed in a dishwasher, and the fast-drying plastic means it is ready for the next mess in a snap. And with a smart pack of 2, you always have a baby bib close at hand. Use one bib at home and pack the other in your diaper bag. Or use one bib while the other is in the dishwasher. Two bibs make it easier for you to avoid messy mealtimes.

  • Perfect first bib for small babies
  • Two bibs make it easier for you to avoid messy mealtimes
  • Comfortable non-chafing neckband can be fastened to a perfect fit
  • Flexible deep spill pocket to catch any mess
  • Secure fastening and unique design keeps the bib in place
  • Soft neckband is fully adjustable to fit your growing child
  • Water-repellent material so mess and liquids cannot soak through
  • Available in several delightful colors for colorful mealtimes
  • Made in Sweden with food-safe BPA-free plastic
  • Easy to clean and fast-drying
  • Dishwasher-safe plastic


  • Age: 4–10 months
  • Neck size: 7.5-12 in
  • Materials: polypropylene (PP) and thermoplastic elastomers (TPE)
  • Care instructions: Wipe the baby bib with a damp cloth, rinse it under running water or pop it in your dishwasher.


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