Tiny Love Treasure the Ocean Outdoor Picnic Mat

The brand’s beautifully designed Treasure the Ocean™ XL Outdoor Mat offers an ideal combination between a picnic mat and a fun playing environment. With 5 engaging activities and the charming turquoise blue aquarelle Treasure the Ocean™ design, this mat creates a magical underwater environment for babies to play in, alone or with family, wherever you spread it out. With its water-repellent base and easy fold and carry design, the Treasure the Ocean™ XL Outdoor Mat is the ideal take-along mat for babies and an excellent accessory for enjoying some fresh air and sunshine. Little ones can explore the mat’s 5 engaging activities, which foster their senses, cognitive development and motor skills. Large enough for babies to play in with siblings, friends and parents, the mat’s spacious design invites babies to explore movement – rolling around and later, making their first attempts at crawling – and creates a wonderful environment for bonding and communication.

  • XL space offers plenty of room for play and bonding.
  • 5 engaging developmental activities.
  • Water-repellent base for outdoor activities.
  • Foldable with built-in handle for take-along and travel


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