Joolz Aer+ Footmuff

It is a perfect match! The Joolz Aer footmuff is specially made for the Joolz Aer lightweight stroller to keep your little one cozy and comfortable during the colder months. The footmuff is warm, lightweight and breathable because of its soft fleece lining, sustainable Sorona® filling and water repellent fabric. Oh, and of course your Joolz Aer remains incredibly easy! You can fold your lightweight stroller and footmuff together into one compact package and store it away.

The Joolz Aer footmuff is filled with Sorona® Aura insulation. Sorona® Aura insulation is made of Sorona® polymer, a performance fiber that is eco-conscious and partially plant based. The filling is breathable and retains warmth, while being super lightweight. It ensures a super cozy and comfortable footmuff.

  • All-weather companion: Regulates heat during warmer days and stays warm and cozy during colder days thanks to the soft fleece lining, water-repellent fabrics and Sorona® filling.
  • Perfect fit with your Joolz Aer: same look and elegance, easy to attach to the seat (with the harness), and comes with magnets to hold the footmuff in place over the bumper bar.
  • Folds with your Joolz Aer lightweight stroller
  • Anti-mud layer protects against dirty feet
  • Secret hiding place for soother/teething ring
  • Zipper does not open while kicking
  • Comes in its own matching storage bag
  • Color is Refined Black

For the Joolz Aer and Aer+ stroller


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