Manito Castle Beta Stroller Weather Shield

Khaki Grey

Manito Castle Beta Stroller Weather Shield

Ultimate Winter weather protection for your baby.

Castle Beta is the Winter thermal insulation stroller weather shield with hi-tech laser quilt triple layer construction made of windproof, water-repellent outer layer and soft Alova Suede inner layer packed with insulation padding inside provide warmth and comfort for your little one during the cold winter days. Equipped with 99% UV resistant optical window will aid baby's vision by providing non-obstructed clear view.

  • Specifically designed to fit onto most detachable reclining seat strollers with reversible seating positions. (forward and rear facing)
  • Clear flat surface optical window on three sides screens 99% of UV rays and provides clear vision without any optical distortions and also aids vision development on infants.
  • Hi-Tech laser quilt triple-layer outer layer fabric is water-repellent and windproof.
  • Soft Alova Suede fabric inner layer and packed with insulation padding underneath to provide extra insulation.
  • Big size two-way zipper entry door for easy in-and-out of your child.
  • Sun screen curtain gives extra protection against direct sunlight and also accommodates comfortable sleep while inside the stroller.
  • Seat only fitting design eliminates the need to remove the cover when seat is detached from stroller's frame.
  • Some strollers can be folded without removing the cover. Detachable foot-cover is convenient when cleaning.


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