Manito Essence Stroller Cover

Manito Essence Stroller Weather Shield /Rain Cover

Manito Essence Stroller Weather Shield is the most basic and economical stroller cover in the Manito stroller weather shield lineup.

  • Fits on most upright strollers of different stroller brands and sizes with 4 wheels, joggers, rear or forward facing strollers with canopy length between 15 to 19.
  • Clear flat surface optical window in the front screens up to 99% of UV rays and provides clear vision without any optical distortions and aids vision development on infants. (Optical distortion or refraction can be found on other vinyl covers that easily wrinkle and don't stay flat therefore it may cause dizziness and tiredness in the eyes especially during the early stages of development).
  • Big size two-way zipper entry door for easy in-and-out of your child.
  • Waterproof and windproof plastic shields from rain, snow, dust and wind.
  • Sun screen curtain gives extra protection against direct sunlight and also accommodates comfortable sleep while inside the stroller.
  • Secures the bottom of the stroller with Velcro tapes to avoid cover being blown off from strong wind blow.
  • Rear Velcro tape fitting design makes it easy to install on different stroller sizes.
  • Clear plastic is free from any endocrine disruptor substances such as phthalate compounds.
  • Portable storage pouch included.


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