Tiny Love Magical Tales Black & White Sunny Stroller Arch

The Magical Tales Sunny Stroll arch is designed for two stages of development and provides babies with entertainment and development opportunities, everywhere you go! For the first 5 months, baby bats at the toys, boosting sensory exploration; at 5+ months, baby begins pulling and holding, exploring the arch in a more sophisticated way.

The flexibility of the Magical Tales Stroller Arch allows you to moderate the level of stimulation offered with a simple adjustment the arch to alter the toys that are within your baby's field of vision. You can also fold the arch in a way that allows your baby to focus on just one or two of the toys if you feel they are becoming overstimulated. The adjustable arch is also designed to adapt to a variety of stroller styles and attaches easily with the universal clip.

  • Two Stages of Development: sensory exploration (0m+) and cause & effect learning (5m+)
  • Engaging Activities: 8 different engaging activities to promote your baby's development
  • From Day One: Stimulates sight from day one with contrasting black & white colors
  • Interesting Textures: Each toy features fun and engaging textures that captivate baby
  • Cause and Effect: Baby-activated propeller teaches cause & effect
  • Natural Development:  Easy-to-grasp teether promotes healthy, natural development
  • Attaches Easily: A universal attachment clip fits both strollers and bassinets
  • Part of the Magical Tales Collection


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