Tiny Love Wonder Buddies Coco

Coco the Mouse is one of Tiny Love's Wonder Buddies that does wonders for your little one's development. The mouse toy has smart sensors that allow for interactive play, making games like playing peek-a-boo even more fun! Wonder Buddy Coco will become their best friend. 12+ months Playing "peek-a-boo" is the ultimate games for children at this age. Discover the cheerful sounds that Coco makes, when you cover the Wonder Buddy in a cloth. Play along and enjoy the precious time with your little one. 12-18 months Let your little one play with the interactive Wonder Buddy by themselves, allowing them to discover its features on their own. Playing and discovering the various features independently, teaches your child about cause and effect. 2+ years Wonder Buddy Coco becomes their new best friend. Play hide-and-seek or feed Coco to hear her nibble. Their close relationship will encourage independent play, for your little one's imagination to develop even further. 7 Developmental Wonders Each Wonder Buddy includes 7 complimentary play cards to inspire and add fun stories to tell. Your toddler will be laughing with delight as well as stimulating the following developmental wonders: emotional intelligence, fine motor skills, imagination and creativity, gross motor skills, cognition, language and communication and senses.

  • Smart buddy, suitable for toddlers 12 months+
  • Cute mouse toy stimulates development in a fun way to match your one-year-old's developmental needs
  • Play peek-a-boo and discover six more fun-filled activities
  • Smart sensors allow for a unique interaction to become their best friend


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