Tiny Love Meadow Days™ Sunny Day Gymini®

The Tiny Love Meadow Days™ Sunny Day Gymini® is an innovative developmental mat filled with fun and challenging activities, friendly characters and vibrant colors that take baby on a journey of exploration. Every part of the Gymini was carefully designed with baby’s development in mind, inspiring them to continuously discover, learn, and grow. The Sunny Days Gymini was created to encourage development in every area of the 7 developmental wonders.

When baby enters the Gymini, they are greeted with delightful toys and characters they will love, including a baby-activated Musical toy. The Gymini's expandable arches adjust to give baby even more play modes. When the arches are closed, baby can lie down and delight in the activities above; as baby grows, the Gemini becomes a playground for tummy time fun. When the arches are fully opened, baby can sit upright and continue their learning journey. 

  • Feature-packed developmental playmat
  • Adjustable arches for more play modes
  • 16 developmental activities to help baby develop while having fun
  • Baby activated responsive toy with entertaining music, teaches baby about cause & effect
  • Musical toy has 3 melodies
  • Playful crinkly Mobile
  • Mirror for extended tummy time
  • Toys are removable and can be used for on-the-go fun
  • Machine washable mat


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